Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When should I sign back up for WoW....

If I start now, I'll have time to acquire some cool armor for mogging,   but to avoid wife aggro....

I have to figure out this Blogger software. I'd like to setup a dictionary of sorts.   I realize that a lot of terms I may use and take for granted. Newbies, lowbies, and the uninitiated  may be totally confused.  

Like, "What's 'mogging'?" 
Mogging,  v. slang - short for transmogrifying; to change from one object into another.  i.e. In WoW, changing the appearance of a item of armor to look like another. 

aggro, n. slang - short for aggravation; Aggressive violent behavior, typically seen by game enemy NPCs toward the player.  Sometimes seen in significant others when the player plays the game too much.

NPC, n. abbrv - Non-playable character, sometimes referred to as mob (pl. mobs).

Newbie, n. slang - New player to the game, usually unfamiliar with the gaming culture.

If I ever get any readers,  and you want to know what X means in the game, let me know.   I have a knack for finding stuff.


The Darkmoon Update

Darkmoon Faire has always been kind of a fringe activity to me.   I checked it out once or twice,  looked at the quests;   collect 100 cat's paws, 1000 sharpening stones...etc etc.   Seemed a little too grindy for me.  However with the upcoming changes in 4.3 it sounds like it could get a little less grindy and a bit more fun. 

The Darkmoon Field Guide sounds like it could help with the collecting, if it works like the rumors say it will.  Supposedly it "auto-loots" the necessary items for the Faire, if the Guide is in your immediate possession.   Hmmm,  this could be a nice quality-of-life upgrade.

I can see it now,  "Let's go farming!",  find the area where X item drops, X being the necessary Darkmoon item.  Have your pet go round up a bunch and bring them back, explosive trap, multishot, etc, etc.   Rinse, repeat.   Almost like the AOE looting that people been asking for since Warhammer came out 3 years ago.

Something else about this Darkmoon Faire change,  one week a month, the Faire will be on it's own island  somewhere on Azeroth.  You can't fly or swim there on your own, you can only get there during that one week when the carnival barkers and flight paths are open.   1 question I haven't seen answered yet,  is what about the other weeks?  Will the Faire still travel to Mulgore, Elwynn and Shattrath on the other weeks?

Besides the new mini-games introduced in the area,  there's also going to be a Death-Match/Gurubashi Arena type area.   Kind of a "There can be only One!" situation.   And this will officiated by a certain Pitmaster Pei.

Pei? Sounds a little Eastern in it's origin.  Panda perhaps? hmmm... We shall see.

The whole announcement can be found here....The All New Darkmoon Faire.

All in all I think it will be a nice upgrade to check out, something cool for the casual.

4.3 is really starting to look good.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ah the good ol' days

A picture of me and Cairne....

I'm still sad he's gone.   Fought too the last by his side against the elementals.   He was just massive.

Trying to update

Trying to update the site.  

I created a simple Spanky icon.  Kind of looks like a monkey with a camera. 

Warcraft news:

As with everyone, transmogrification,  void storage and the Darkmoon Fair island.  

It's all been discussed to death.   

Raid-finder.   Hmm...could work if restricted to Current Tier - 1 (or 2) raid.   I can't see a pug raid doing Ragnoros.  Just ain't gonna happen. 

Patch 4.2.2 is apparently getting ready for release, according to MMO-Champion.  So that could  mean that patch 4.3 is soon going to be on the PTR.  

4.3 probably won't drop though till after BlizzCon,  after the announce the next X-pac. I wondering though how Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) release will figure into their plans.   You have to think it does.

At the moment it seems I'm talking to myself.   All in all,  that's normal.  I hear that when you start arguing with yourself, and losing the argument...then you're in trouble.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Here again...

Haven't played WoW in a while.   Kind of got sidetracked with Real Life (TM) getting in the way.  

Between the 4 year old,  basement renovations,  summer,  new job...there has been a lot going on.     Maybe now I can find some time to get on and come up with a good blog.  

Everyday advice for the everyday hunter.

Some rules first though. (I just thought of this.)

1. Hunters are hunters, not huntards.  I hate that term.
2. The Warcraft Hunters Union is the place for all great guides.  I suggest you check it out if you haven't already.
3. Beast Mastery is the best.  It's just the way it is.  I'm not saying how,  it just is. 
4. Survival and Marksman are tied for a close second. 
5. Other classes are support classes. I agree with Frost on this.
6. There is no rule 6.
7. Follow the Golden Rule.   Jesus says "Don't be a dick!".   I came to this conclusion separately from Penny-Arcade, however I still give them props for putting it on a shirt. 
8. Real Life (TM) must come first.  The order of importance:  Family, Work,  Health, WoW.

I'll be all over the place so give me time to get my groove.