Monday, January 21, 2013

Red dragons

Ok tonight we were stuck on the red dragons. Why is Korialstraz smaller than his queen,  how did he die,   Why did he die.

She watched the video of Deathwing's defeat,  and assumed on her own that the other dragons had lost there powers. She just wasn't sure as to why.

And it finally clicked with her that Arthas killed his father.

Yes I have a WoW lore nerd.    She probably knows more about the lore than half the player base.   She's 6.

Out of the blue tonight she asked about how Malfurion married Tyrande,  "he looks like a goat guy".  I explained his teacher Cenarious, and how Mal was big into nature too, so he developed horns like Cenarious.  She thought the demigod looked freaky,  but accepted it.

Reached page 5 of the War of the Ancients. One to two pages a night.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ok, over a year gone, sorry

Have a new idea...

WoW for Kids....

stay with me here.

My now 6 year old has been play Warcraft with me a lot recently.  Mom is 9 months pregnant,  can't play with her as much, and getting ready for baby.  So I'm the focus. hehehe, fine with me.

MJ, my daughter, has 4 characters on my server.  2 hunters a warlock and a druid.

The hunters:

Blood  Elf female, with Snappy the Dragonhawk.
Drenie  Female, with Daisy the Moth

The Warlock
Gnome Female

The Druid
Night Elf Female

We just started the Druid last night,  she's been watching the cinematics and saw the Night Elf turn into a cat, and she wanted to do that.  She's a girl that likes cats.

I can't kill bunnies or deer or anything cute in the game when she's on my lap, and she super inquisitive about who the people are,  why are we collecting cat teeth?  ("maybe to make sharp knives? she said, I was like, "Well yeah, that would be a good idea".

My wife initially got freaked out by the whole "Video games make kid violent" argument,  I don't buy that though.  I asked my daughter one day,  "You know this is fake right? That in real life fighting like this isn't always good?"  She gave me the "D'uh Dad, I know!" look and said "Well, yeah! I like playing games with my Daddy!" So I believe we are on good footing.

This leads me to last night, I was trying to explain the Illidan, Malfurion, Tyrande trist to her.  She knows who Illidan is from watching the Burning Crusade video.  It's funny hearing a 6 year old girl saying "You are not prepared!" in a gruff voice.   Makes a geek dad proud.  Anyway, I showed her the cover of the War of the Ancients book, the one with all 3 stories combined.  It has the 3 night elves on the cover.  She stole the book from me. Now I'm stuck ready Knaak to my 6 year old for bedtime stories.  This is when I realized Knaak like to be wordy.  We read 3 pages before bed.  Got to the part about Krasus, and the red dragons. She started asking about the Dragons, so now I was trying to explain the Aspects to her.

She knows Deathwing, from the cinematics, the others I had to explain a little.  But I think she gets them.

So with all this, it gave me, I think, a good idea.  How do you explain Warcraft to a 6 year old in a way that they can understand, and appreciate, without focusing on the death and destruction all the time?  I may try to figure this out.