Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hi again.

My girl is now just about 8,  and not as interesting Warcraft, though occasionally asks to play.  But she loves the Avengers, and My Little Pony.  So that's what we watch.

I have a 20 month old now as well.  She's a handful.  Babbling about Mina-Mina Pony.  

Also moved.  about 2 miles from the old house.  Why?  more space.   Initially I wanted to move closer to work, but that would put us farther away from friends, family and schools.    So I still have a 60 to 90 minute commute.   I try to sneak as many Work-at-Home days in as I can, save me time and money.

Not playing WoW at the moment.  Kind of between games.  

Tried out WildStar.  It's decent.  But did't have the pull Warcraft does.

Trying to find a good game to get into.  I fired up Fallout 3,  played through that again.    I'm at the end of the main quest,  just haven't finished it yet.  Figured I'd wander around the Wasteland,  see what I can find.

Not sure if anyone every reads these.  But if you do, thanks.  

They say the true you is who you are when nobody is watching.   I try to be decent person even if I'm just talking to myself.

Still thinking of starting a Podcast.  maybe based off this spotty blog.

Originally I had a gorilla pet in WoW,  named Spanky.  Gorillas were awesome tanks for Hunters due to threat generation.  They got the portmanteau of gorilladin,  which came from gorilla and paladin. Paladins are a tanking class in WoW.    So I named this after Spanky the gorilladin.

But anyway, I have to "fixup" another basement.  This one will be my office space,  maybe a studio?

I'm no Frogpants or Coverville,  but I'd like to try.   Maybe a show about a gamer dad with 2 girls and a wife he loves to irritate?  Maybe....

I'm going to update this with some new links since I'm not a strict WoW player anymore.  (I still read the news and updates though.)

Stay tuned! (or tune in...whatever).