Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy "Talk like a Pirate Day"! arggg...or something

Well Friday night was able to start getting gear again.   And matched my stats up pretty well with Mr. Robot.

Meecham ... if your interested.   Got the 8% hit on the nose. 

I do have a instance story though.

Friday afternoon, after work and before the wifey got home,  I decided to work on my Fireland Dailies and get some instances done for the week.  For some reason,  Blackrock Caverns is the bane of my existence.

The story goes like this,  The Dungeon Finder kept putting me in there for the last week, no matter how many times I queued.   I can't get the timing down for the second boss fight, on heroic, where the 3 beams shoot out and you have to block them.    Last week I caused about 3 wipes, this week, do to great healing, we didn't wipe but I didn't help,  my timing was again off, my guy enraged.   So I spent the next 5 minutes with Cringer, fighting the add myself,  trying to keep him off the tank.  

After we downed the boss, the Tank tells me "You need to get yourself together."   I'm more or less like, whatever, it's a game.  5 minutes later,   we are trying to jump down some flight of steps,  I don't know if it was Cringer, or the Boomkin,  but some more adds followed us down.  Again, jump on the hunter day.   I said  "f* you." and bailed.   Not my most shining moment,  but meh.   I really didn't care for their tone anyway.    Frustrated and bothered by anonymous people on the internet,  returning to my dailies didn't appeal to me.   So I went and took a nap.  

After my wife and daughter came home  I was up and about again.  Had a great evening.

9:30 pm, child in bed,  (not sleeping of course, she doesn't like to),  wife reading her latest book.  I go back to finishing my dailies.   I activate the Dungeon Finder again,  a few minutes later it pops,  Blackrock....again.

Ugh,  I thought, please don't let me screw up, please don't let me screw up.  Anyway, this group was already past the 3 beam boss,  and on to another, spank and tank boss.  Great, I can do this with no issues.   a minute or 2 later, boss down.   Healer says wait, tank went,   we almost survived, thanks to Cringer...  But we were overcome my a couple gnolls at the last moment. back.

The next couple of pulls were fine, no issues.   We then reached the final boss,  "We need the adds kited".   With my recent history,  I tried to warn them,  I might not be the best.   They were cool though about it,  told me to try any.   Not knowing the fight, I was skeptical, but I went with it.   Freezing trap, Concussive Shot,  Distracting shot.... kept repeating.   just tried to keep the adds on me walking slow.  And I ran in circles.

It was enough for the other DPS and tank to take the boss down uninterrupted .   Ahh,   finally got through this dang place.  Even got some kudos for the kiting.    Then I was able to finish my dailies,  and focus on other things.   Ran Throne of Tides after that....we got the Old Faithful Achievement to boot.

The rest of the weekend was for naught,  PC's torn apart again while the basement floor gets gutted.

I need to get back to my articles...freaking real life...


Monday, September 12, 2011

Real Life...ugh i hate sump pumps

I was planning on a vibrant weekend in Azeroth,  finishing the first 150 marks of the world tree.   

My sump pump had other plans.  Friday night,  I go down into my's flooded..."Damn you, Lee!"

I thought I was safe, apparently not.  Over-worked and burnt out, my sump pump gave into the water table.  

After a quick trip to Home Depot, (Lowe's was out of sump pumps),  The majority (80%) of the water was gone from my basement.  the other 20 was locked up in the carpet.  '

Right now,  my PC is spread to the 4 winds,  and I have to watch TV on smaller box upstairs. 

It could have been much worse.  I could have been a buffalo in Hershey.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Good Enough" gear - Head

What is Good Enough Gear?

A question that usually causes me to pause and think,  what can I afford?  Hmm,  Top raid gear?  For me? hah!  Right now GE Gear is Tier 11 that I can buy with points.   It's Heroic dungeon drops.  It's Auction House bargains.  It's Reputation grinds.

 Will I, as a self-described casual player,  ever get into T-11 raids and be able to pick up the Lightning Charge Murloc Head of Death?  So what are the options in that case? There are so many slots to fill,  and only a set amount of time a day to fill them.  And three day weekends don't happen everyday.  (though, Thanksgiving is coming up fast! Woot!)

So I'm going to breakdown what I think are the GE Gear as of patch 4.2.  Most is likely Item Level 359 gear,  though there are some exceptions.  I'm going to use Mr. Robot to help me with my decisions,  Right now,  he seems to have a good optimizer. 

Slot: Head

Whether you show it or not,  it's there.   and usually one of the hardest spots to fill.   Like I said above,  The Lightning-Charged Headgear can only be bought with raid tokens. So what's a hunter to do?  hmm...lets look at some options.

Renouncer's Cowl 
It's dropped by Corla, Herald of Twilight in Black Rock Caverns.   It's OK, but it's more Mastery based. The non-meta socket is blue and the +gem bonus is Mastery.  If you get it, great.  But others are better.   I'd say upgrade if one of the following would drop though.

Wildhammer Riding Helm
Dropped in Grim Batol, by General Umbriss. It's the Heroic version, so the stats are little higher than the regular one.   This one is might be my pick for the best pre-Zul dungeons.  It has a red socket, so you can gem Agility and get the socket bonus of +30 Haste. The primary stats are the same as the Renouncer's Cowl, the secondary focus on crit and haste,  which will tend to work out better for you as a casual player.  Mastery, from what I've read and heard, is good, but it seems to really shine at the raid level.  Heroic dungeons,  you can let it be.

Worgen Hunter's Helm
This comes from everybody's favorite pistol packing villian, Lord Godfrey in Heroic Shadowfang.   This helm is like the rock is the third piece of 346 gear.  It kind of completes the triumvirate.  It has haste and mastery as secondary stats, a yellow gem slot and +30 Agility bonus.  That +30 Agility is nice,  but you need a Yellow Gem to get it?  You could go with a Deft Amber Topaz,  get +20 Agi from that +20 haste.  hmm.  +50 Agi total, I rethinking my choices....this one is looking good.

Headdress of Sharpened Vision
This is one comes out of the redone Zul'Aman.   It's item level 353.  So it's a definite step up.   Kind of like the Worgen Hunter's Helm on steroids.   If you are geared enough for these, then go for it.  only stuff better is Engineering creations and Raid token drops.  

All in all there are some options for us.  Any of these would be great,  but in the end I'd go for the Worgen Hunter's Helm or the Headdress.   I like +Agility.  It's a primary stat,  and it's simple to understand. 

I was thinking of hitting all the slots in 1 post, but that would be a TLDR (too long, didn't read) post.  So I may have a series here for us casusals here at GP. Woot!

As with every post, comments and ideas are welcome.    Remember,  not all elitists are jerks and not all jerks are elitist.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming up with Ideas for GP...

Listened to Frostheim's podcast last night on the drive home.  One question hit very close to home. 

Starting a blog...  The question was about a beer blog, but in essence was relevant, especially to me right now.

The one thing that stuck out from the discussion was that you need idea, not just 1 or 2 or 3,   but many...and you need to keep coming up with them.

Currently I'm treading water here, looking to see which way to swim.   So I came up with about 10-12 ideas for articles I'll try to right.   I'm no English Lit major, so bear with me.  I went in to Comp Sci for a reason. 

That said,  I'll still want to pop up the occasional "Unrelated" post.   Even if nobody else reads this, I'll at least have something that maybe I can look back on and say "I did that!". 


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunchtime Post

This weekend wasn't bad.    Last night after the youngin' was in bed,  and the Bride was happily reading her book, I was able to 'try' to run some dungeons.

It's amazing to me,  I started back up Saturday,  by last night,  running BM I was holding my own in Heroics. 

The main problem I had though was not knowing the fights.  D'oh on me.   I learn quick though.   

I tried to run Grim Batol,  I don't know what was up with the group,   seemed decent,  but we couldn't keep it together.   We downed General Umbriss with one wipe at first.   Got the Forgemaster down, though I think the tank rushed the issue.   Then skipped the next one, wiped 2x on the last.   I screwed up on the last boss though, know that for sure. Erudax,  His freaking storm he causes,  there's a safe zone I could never stick in for some reason.   Meh, live and learn. 

From that Failboat I leapt into Shadowfang Keep to a program already in progress.  They were on the last boss Lord Godfrey.   That dang pistol barrage did us in once.   The second time we got him.  So I got some Justice Points at least.

I picked up a few pieces of gear though:

Darkling Staff
Elementium Scale Bracers
Lightning-Charged Leggaurds  - Tier 11
Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms  - I think T11 off set has my DPS at about 11K +/-  that's pretty close to what I was seeing.

Other than that,  I'm debating my rotation.    

I like to start off with a Explosive trap.  Is that actually something other hunters do?   I realize that Survival Hunters are pretty much the AOE spec,  with the serpent spread and such.   But for me it seems that the Expl Trap really was helping out in Heroics.  AOE is something that you can really test on the targeting dummies so I'm kind of at a loss as to what the impact is.  

The rotation then kind of follows a standard route,  I do kind of get mixed up though.   When I run out of focus I"m not sure whether to Cobra Shot my was back to full or weave Cobra's in around to get "enough" focus to do the Kill command/Arcane shot part. 

Any with a preference?


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ahh...kind of weird

Stepped in.   I had begun the 4.2 dailies a while back when I got the free week,   so I just took up where I left off with them. 

Doing the one where you have 4 helper NPCs...and you have to take out 4 fire somethings,   I get jumped by a Hordie.    Didn't realize it at first,  I was too busy fighting the fire guys.   Anyway,  after I reached about 50% health I'm like,  wait a second,  he's really trying to kill me.   duh...

So I took the fight to him.   finished him off,  he was like at 80% health when I started. 

Mind you I am BM...this is in my first 10 minutes of being back in the game.  I couldn't remember what my button combos were.   

The only downside,  the freakin' fire guy finished me off then.  8% durability hit. 

But was cool none the less.

Decided I needed a tank pet.   All I had was my cat, Cringer.    So I went looking for a turtle.   I guess luck was with me...I found Terropene.   Not a bad catch today.

So far so good. next up T5 pauldrons from TK...



I guess things are looking up. 

We are cutting back in other places,  cable TV (have netflix streaming, which is more than enough)  and a bunch of other things,   WoW maybe my one vice I'm allowed right now.

Time to wake up the troops.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Real Life taking priority, it should.

Just when I think it's safe to jump back in the water, the RL great white shows it fin.  

So I won't be signing back up for a little while.   The costs from the new job is eating away at the increase I received.  So I'm stuck reading the boards and giving my own take on what other people are saying.  

Oh well, I guess I'll have to use my imagination then.