Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ahh...kind of weird

Stepped in.   I had begun the 4.2 dailies a while back when I got the free week,   so I just took up where I left off with them. 

Doing the one where you have 4 helper NPCs...and you have to take out 4 fire somethings,   I get jumped by a Hordie.    Didn't realize it at first,  I was too busy fighting the fire guys.   Anyway,  after I reached about 50% health I'm like,  wait a second,  he's really trying to kill me.   duh...

So I took the fight to him.   finished him off,  he was like at 80% health when I started. 

Mind you I am BM...this is in my first 10 minutes of being back in the game.  I couldn't remember what my button combos were.   

The only downside,  the freakin' fire guy finished me off then.  8% durability hit. 

But was cool none the less.

Decided I needed a tank pet.   All I had was my cat, Cringer.    So I went looking for a turtle.   I guess luck was with me...I found Terropene.   Not a bad catch today.

So far so good. next up T5 pauldrons from TK...


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