Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lunchtime Post

This weekend wasn't bad.    Last night after the youngin' was in bed,  and the Bride was happily reading her book, I was able to 'try' to run some dungeons.

It's amazing to me,  I started back up Saturday,  by last night,  running BM I was holding my own in Heroics. 

The main problem I had though was not knowing the fights.  D'oh on me.   I learn quick though.   

I tried to run Grim Batol,  I don't know what was up with the group,   seemed decent,  but we couldn't keep it together.   We downed General Umbriss with one wipe at first.   Got the Forgemaster down, though I think the tank rushed the issue.   Then skipped the next one, wiped 2x on the last.   I screwed up on the last boss though, know that for sure. Erudax,  His freaking storm he causes,  there's a safe zone I could never stick in for some reason.   Meh, live and learn. 

From that Failboat I leapt into Shadowfang Keep to a program already in progress.  They were on the last boss Lord Godfrey.   That dang pistol barrage did us in once.   The second time we got him.  So I got some Justice Points at least.

I picked up a few pieces of gear though:

Darkling Staff
Elementium Scale Bracers
Lightning-Charged Leggaurds  - Tier 11
Moccasins of Verdurous Glooms  - I think T11 off set

FemaleDwarf.com has my DPS at about 11K +/-  that's pretty close to what I was seeing.

Other than that,  I'm debating my rotation.    

I like to start off with a Explosive trap.  Is that actually something other hunters do?   I realize that Survival Hunters are pretty much the AOE spec,  with the serpent spread and such.   But for me it seems that the Expl Trap really was helping out in Heroics.  AOE is something that you can really test on the targeting dummies so I'm kind of at a loss as to what the impact is.  

The rotation then kind of follows a standard route,  I do kind of get mixed up though.   When I run out of focus I"m not sure whether to Cobra Shot my was back to full or weave Cobra's in around to get "enough" focus to do the Kill command/Arcane shot part. 

Any with a preference?


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