Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Good Enough" gear - Head

What is Good Enough Gear?

A question that usually causes me to pause and think,  what can I afford?  Hmm,  Top raid gear?  For me? hah!  Right now GE Gear is Tier 11 that I can buy with points.   It's Heroic dungeon drops.  It's Auction House bargains.  It's Reputation grinds.

 Will I, as a self-described casual player,  ever get into T-11 raids and be able to pick up the Lightning Charge Murloc Head of Death?  So what are the options in that case? There are so many slots to fill,  and only a set amount of time a day to fill them.  And three day weekends don't happen everyday.  (though, Thanksgiving is coming up fast! Woot!)

So I'm going to breakdown what I think are the GE Gear as of patch 4.2.  Most is likely Item Level 359 gear,  though there are some exceptions.  I'm going to use Mr. Robot to help me with my decisions,  Right now,  he seems to have a good optimizer. 

Slot: Head

Whether you show it or not,  it's there.   and usually one of the hardest spots to fill.   Like I said above,  The Lightning-Charged Headgear can only be bought with raid tokens. So what's a hunter to do?  hmm...lets look at some options.

Renouncer's Cowl 
It's dropped by Corla, Herald of Twilight in Black Rock Caverns.   It's OK, but it's more Mastery based. The non-meta socket is blue and the +gem bonus is Mastery.  If you get it, great.  But others are better.   I'd say upgrade if one of the following would drop though.

Wildhammer Riding Helm
Dropped in Grim Batol, by General Umbriss. It's the Heroic version, so the stats are little higher than the regular one.   This one is might be my pick for the best pre-Zul dungeons.  It has a red socket, so you can gem Agility and get the socket bonus of +30 Haste. The primary stats are the same as the Renouncer's Cowl, the secondary focus on crit and haste,  which will tend to work out better for you as a casual player.  Mastery, from what I've read and heard, is good, but it seems to really shine at the raid level.  Heroic dungeons,  you can let it be.

Worgen Hunter's Helm
This comes from everybody's favorite pistol packing villian, Lord Godfrey in Heroic Shadowfang.   This helm is like the rock is the third piece of 346 gear.  It kind of completes the triumvirate.  It has haste and mastery as secondary stats, a yellow gem slot and +30 Agility bonus.  That +30 Agility is nice,  but you need a Yellow Gem to get it?  You could go with a Deft Amber Topaz,  get +20 Agi from that +20 haste.  hmm.  +50 Agi total, I rethinking my choices....this one is looking good.

Headdress of Sharpened Vision
This is one comes out of the redone Zul'Aman.   It's item level 353.  So it's a definite step up.   Kind of like the Worgen Hunter's Helm on steroids.   If you are geared enough for these, then go for it.  only stuff better is Engineering creations and Raid token drops.  

All in all there are some options for us.  Any of these would be great,  but in the end I'd go for the Worgen Hunter's Helm or the Headdress.   I like +Agility.  It's a primary stat,  and it's simple to understand. 

I was thinking of hitting all the slots in 1 post, but that would be a TLDR (too long, didn't read) post.  So I may have a series here for us casusals here at GP. Woot!

As with every post, comments and ideas are welcome.    Remember,  not all elitists are jerks and not all jerks are elitist.


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