Monday, October 31, 2011

Got in an argument on WoWinsider....hehhee

Wow, some people get themselves all in a tizzy.

I simply stated that if Blizz wanted to they could make Pandaren Death Knights in the game.   The fact that they aren't allowing it for "lore" reasons is a cop-out.   Whew...that set off some people.  

Rehashing it here is kind of a waste,  so I won't.  People sure do get huffy though.

I post on WoWInsider under a different ID.  just FYI....

Not much happening on the WoW front,  waiting for 4.3 to drop.   I am currently stuck using my old laptop to play.   My man-cave was getting fixed up this weekend,  (dang those guys work fast, they did in 3 days what it took me 3 months.)  My main PC is offline until tonight hopefully.  

It's kind of odd, my main toon,  Meecham,  I can't log into via the laptop.  He's currently residing in Stormwind. Everytime I log in to him, the laptop freezes.    I can log into other characters fine.   I guess Stormwind is a little to processor heavy for the old laptop.

 I've been playing a undead mage,  that's an experience.  Yes I went Arcane.  I'm used to having a pet do my tanking,  with the mage I'm kind of a glass cannon.   I try to slow them with a frost bolt at about 40 yards then arcane something or other till they're dead.  There's like 4 arcane spells; missles, blast, etc etc ....  I'm a hunter....the only Arcane I'm really familiar with is Arcane shot. 

Mages are weird.   It's fun though, nice change of pace.  Plus I finally saw the new undead story line.   Arthas being dead,  you're raised by Vy'krul,   kind of these undead viking angels.  You end up joining the assault on the worgen area of Gilneas.   The worgen get screwed.    Hillsbrad area is new as well.   South Shore is toast.  And there's a BIG yeti king wandering around, he's an Elite lvl 25 or so.   my little mage couldn't take him alone. 

I did sign up for the year-pass with Blizz,  I was going to get Diablo anyway.   Plus play wow.   I will now get the new sparkle pony.  ooh yay.

No other news on the world today.   Just know...Pandas cannot be deathknights.  don't ask about it.  it's just the way it is.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time Management

Ok, so you're a casual player.   What does that mean? Casual?

You play:

1 night a week?
1 hour a day?
You don't raid?
Only raid 1 night a week?

What does "casual" mean in an MMO like WoW?  Everybody has their own definition, I believe.  So for this bog I'm going to define it as this:  You like the game would love to play more,  but are restricted to 5 to 15 hours a week, maybe you PUG-raid on the occasional weekend,  but mostly you do 5-man instances, and solo content. 

This is me.  Plain and simple.  It's what I know. 

I get about 1-2 hours a night,  after the little chitlin goes to bed,  and my bride is relaxing with a book.  So that leaves me with little time to waste. 

It comes down to this schedule:

Log in.
Check mail for previous days auction results.
If there's a holiday event (like now) I do those first.
Then it's off to Hyjal and the Molten Front to do Daily quests.
If I'm still awake enough after those, I may do a 5-man Dungeon, Troll Heroics...But dang their long...
Or I may work on secondary professions...right now my main,  only has First Aid done,  need the others.

The Holliday events and Molten Front dailies can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour.  right there it at least half of the evening done. 

Raiding on a week night? Ha! you must be kidding.  I need to get up in the morning for work,  not at Taco Bell either.   Career level work.   

I remember trying to play till 1 or 2 in the morning...that ain't happening. 

So I'm a casual player.  Real Life > Game .   Family > Work > Game. 

If anybody read this,  don't be afraid to post questions.   I like discussing it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mists of Pandaria

Yeah, haven't been here in a while.  been busy.   

So BlizzCon 2011 has come and gone.   Mists of Pandaria is official.  

Both sides get a Pandarean,  and the Monk class.   Pokemon-style non-combat pet battles, (oxymoron, no?),  new talent/perk system,  a new continent,  and 5 more levels to grind. 

So the haters are going to hate....some think adding panda's is a downright affront to the game lore.  Somehow, talking cows, walruses, panther/centaur people, etc etc is ok,  but pandas aren't?

That group seems to bed calming down, some, I hope they do.   It's a silly argument.  The world of Azeroth is a silly place.  anything really is possible.

Also Blizz announced the 12 month commitment contract,  with it you get Diablo 3 (standard) for free.   If you happen to acquire a copy of the Collector's edition,  you can add that to your account and get 3 months free game time. 

There is speculation that Blizz may actually throw other games into the the "free for contract" category.   It does seem that Blizzard is a company, that is really competing with themselves.  They need subscribers number to stay up,  plus they want people to play Diablo (and possibly SC2 -HotS).   And there's a strong possibility that they would start cannibalizing their WoW base as soon as Diablo is released in Q1 2012.   By locking players into a 12 month contract, subscriber numbers will be less likely to drop before Mists of Pandaria is released.  Then once it is released,  numbers will probably grow again.   It's actually a pretty brilliant plan.   Another added bonus for WoW mount collectors is if you do the contract, you get a Ty'real's Charger, a luminescent pegasus.  And, almost forgot this, by signing up, you get an auto-beta invite for MoP (Mists of Pandaria).  I am really on the fence about signing up.  Is there content in WoW for the next year?  Maybe.... but Diablo 3!  and the beta....but that's a whole year obligation.  It's a contract, you can't back out....  Damn you Blizz! 

Anyway,  Blizz does have other competition besides themselves to a degree.  Bioware,  a game company of great reputation,  is releasing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWToR) on December 20th, 2011.   It's another MMORPG much like WoW set in the Star Wars universe, about 3000 years before the movies.  It's going to be a great game,  played it in a beta weekend.   It has a lot going for it,  could possibly give Blizz a run for their money.  I'm wondering now,  how Bioware will compete with this 12 month contract from Blizz,  Most people, I imagine, are like me,  1 MMO at  time.   I barely have time for WoW with Real-Life(tm) taking 23 hours a day.   I may get an hour or two a night to play.   What am I going to do? 

So people may scoff and say, "bah video games!, grow up."  But you really have to change your thinking and go,  "Hmm there's a story I want to be a part of;  is it WoW,   finding a continent, starting a new character?  Or is it SWToR,   Being a bounty hunter out for himself in the world?   It's a novel,  a interactive novel,  in which you can take part in the story.   Whether it's taking down the Lich King or fighting a war in the orbit of Alderaan, it's a story.  It's one that takes time and money to invest in.  Just like any good book.