Monday, January 21, 2013

Red dragons

Ok tonight we were stuck on the red dragons. Why is Korialstraz smaller than his queen,  how did he die,   Why did he die.

She watched the video of Deathwing's defeat,  and assumed on her own that the other dragons had lost there powers. She just wasn't sure as to why.

And it finally clicked with her that Arthas killed his father.

Yes I have a WoW lore nerd.    She probably knows more about the lore than half the player base.   She's 6.

Out of the blue tonight she asked about how Malfurion married Tyrande,  "he looks like a goat guy".  I explained his teacher Cenarious, and how Mal was big into nature too, so he developed horns like Cenarious.  She thought the demigod looked freaky,  but accepted it.

Reached page 5 of the War of the Ancients. One to two pages a night.

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