Thursday, November 3, 2011

Queue times too long, do dailies

Last night finally got back in,  worked out well.   I did some Archeology while waiting for a LFD queue to pop.  It never popped,  The queue was 24 minutes, and it was 9:30 and the dungeon run would most likely be 45 minutes...this isn't going to work.

I did Fireland dailies again.  I'm working on the second quest for 125 marks,  right now I'm at 49.  If I keep up with it I should have them all finished by 4.3...ugh

I will say though, as a casual player I do like the Firelands.   Sure it's red, and you can't fly,  but overall it's a unique experience.   I get to do some skinning there on the spiders,  the quests are easy to accomplish nearby to each other.   Part of the fun I have is to see if I can get them all done around the same time.  Kill 6 of this, heal 8 of them,  plant 5 of close can I get them done to each other?  Multitasking. In this respect it's a fun minigame to me.

The one I don't care much for is the one where you have to destroy the 5 blue runes in the cave with those smoke elementals coming at you.  They hit for 5-6K,  unless you are standing on the rune, then it's 50-60 points total.  2 orders of magnitude difference.  But you have to  navigate through them,  ride currents.  sometimes I can do it quick,  sometimes I die 2 or 3 times.   But once you do it, you can do the other cave quest pretty easily,  the "Find the Fire Druids gear".  Nothing chases you after you destroy the runes.

I do think I was able to get most of the non-raiding Firelands achievements too;

I still have couple left to go.  But they're were cool to go after.  Broke up the monotony of the daily quests.

Time to go...I hope I gave you some insights into Firelands...even if you're already finished with it. 

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