Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gorilladin Pictures opens it's doors....

Welcome to Gorilladin Pictures.   Hopefully this will be a longer lived blog than most.

I'm no BRK, or WHU.    I'm not a theorycrafter...  I'm any everyday time-restricted hunter that figures it was about time for a message board for hunters that may only be able to afford "Welfare" Epics, either because of time or some other reason. 

I'm no if you came here for insight into the raid scene, try somewhere else.  I do however run Heroics on occasion, so I may occasionally have something on that.

My main is a level 80 Horde hunter of course on US-Blackwater Raiders.   Don't be surprised if you never heard of the server.  Because of "Real-life" friends I started there.  It's an RP (role-playing for the uninitiated) mostly known I think for it's eRP in Silvermoon and GoldShire.  While I've debated about transferring to a more reputable server,  all my friends are here now...yada yada yada.

Meegan's the name,  even that is kind of a screwup. I couldn't remember the spelling of Raymond Feist's franklin character in "Magician: Apprentice" book,  it was supposed to be Meecham.   But now it's stuck...and I'm to cheap to pay to change it.

As with all hunters right now in WotLK, I have a wolf, named Fleabag.   I'm a BeastMaster at heart but right now Spec'ed Marksman.   Hmm anything else....

oh Yes, I have extremely limited play time due to RL contraints,  a wonderful wife and 3 year old daughter.   So my time is the occasional evening,  nap time, and after 10:30pm on the weekends.  So you can now see my issues with raiding. 

You may see a smattering of everything here though,  macros, addons, odd stories, gripes, anecdotes...etc etc.   If I can figure out how to work the dang blog software, I may eventually change the pictures around and stuff.  

But anyway,  thanks for reading.   I hope to post more soon.


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