Friday, September 10, 2010

Spanky says...

Spanky is my original gorilladin.    BRK, I think, coined the term.  It means: a pet gorilla that can tank like a Paladin.  Spanky in his prime was awesome, still is to a point. 

But for now he's sitting on the sidelines directing my pictures.   Of which there are none.. So he's bored.  Last night we started taking home movies,  I left him off his leash and he started slapping around some undead in Silverpine.  Maybe tonight I'll get up a quick show.

Last night I did do the "Free Echo Isles" quest chain.   Hmm...I think it was meant to be like the battle for Undercity.  I hope there ends up to be more to it that what they started with.   Plus what's with the white level cape thing? Compare that to the liche killing epic gear of 3.0 patch.  It's kind of lame.

I was able to do one dungeon run last night.  H-Utgarde Pinnacle.  Took about 25 minutes,  what was nice I was with a guildie/former co-worker,  he was healing.  So Fleabag lived through out, I had to feign death a bunch, the tank had a slight problem holding aggro.  But since it was a easy heroic,  we cleared it with no issues.  I think me and the wolf could have cleared the trash ourselves.  (maybe not).


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