Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Got Brewmaster

Ok, I went out and got Brewmaster. Wasn't really tough this year,  since they nerfed it.

Anyway still working on Loremaster only about 400 or so quests to do.  Talk about a grind.  I spent god knows how long killing Mangy silvermanes just to get a quest started drop.  I even put in a ticket,  they said they'd help me out but it could affect times in the future if I have an issue.  so I passed.   Luckily it dropped the other night when I killed the rare wolf in the area. 

I'm not sure how a wolf gets a distress beacon on him, but he had that and a green piece of gear.  Something to DE.

Wow Insider is kind of sparse today with good updates,  I think I'm up to date with most of the Cataclysm news.  I do know that another 4GB downloaded over the weekend, via the background downloader.  I wouldn't be surprise is Comcast sends me a note.  

I think I may start hunting Skoll,  I need something to break up the monotony of doing simple quests all the time. 

I got to think of a good schtick for this....


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