Wednesday, August 31, 2011


When should I sign back up for WoW....

If I start now, I'll have time to acquire some cool armor for mogging,   but to avoid wife aggro....

I have to figure out this Blogger software. I'd like to setup a dictionary of sorts.   I realize that a lot of terms I may use and take for granted. Newbies, lowbies, and the uninitiated  may be totally confused.  

Like, "What's 'mogging'?" 
Mogging,  v. slang - short for transmogrifying; to change from one object into another.  i.e. In WoW, changing the appearance of a item of armor to look like another. 

aggro, n. slang - short for aggravation; Aggressive violent behavior, typically seen by game enemy NPCs toward the player.  Sometimes seen in significant others when the player plays the game too much.

NPC, n. abbrv - Non-playable character, sometimes referred to as mob (pl. mobs).

Newbie, n. slang - New player to the game, usually unfamiliar with the gaming culture.

If I ever get any readers,  and you want to know what X means in the game, let me know.   I have a knack for finding stuff.


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