Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trying to update

Trying to update the site.  

I created a simple Spanky icon.  Kind of looks like a monkey with a camera. 

Warcraft news:

As with everyone, transmogrification,  void storage and the Darkmoon Fair island.  

It's all been discussed to death.   

Raid-finder.   Hmm...could work if restricted to Current Tier - 1 (or 2) raid.   I can't see a pug raid doing Ragnoros.  Just ain't gonna happen. 

Patch 4.2.2 is apparently getting ready for release, according to MMO-Champion.  So that could  mean that patch 4.3 is soon going to be on the PTR.  

4.3 probably won't drop though till after BlizzCon,  after the announce the next X-pac. I wondering though how Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) release will figure into their plans.   You have to think it does.

At the moment it seems I'm talking to myself.   All in all,  that's normal.  I hear that when you start arguing with yourself, and losing the argument...then you're in trouble.


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